Black Hand of Seval

You found Level Two! (aka Level One)

Session Summary 2014-03-22

The Dragonic ally Xan Pelucitor picks up N’Krumah and returns Krom to The Jenny to take over pilot duties. Cazzian, Kabuki, and Zimbarso ride along.

Two Illithid ships appear curious. They follow the dragon toward The Jenny, forcing evasive negotiations and a bit of draconic lightning breath. N’Krumah rushes from the ship’s helm to abovedecks. The ship begins to careen downward, trailed by the dragon straining madly to keep up without loosing his passengers. When the ship and dragon are close, Krom leaps across the void, then leaps back carrying N’Krumah in his arms, then once more to the ship where he goes belowdeck to take the helm.

The Illithid ships returned to the hub seeking more likely sources of brain food.

Ryu sneaks up the stairs, disarming some traps. Hears what he believes to be Illthid speech behind the door. Waits for a much longer time than expected, and there is no sign of the party. Retreats back down the steps to find the hole which Xan Pelucitor exited is nearly “healed” shut.



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