Black Hand of Seval

Ship Skirmish

Giants, repo the Goblin ship, and smells like something's burning.

Ngkuruh and Krom awoke belowdecks on the your ship “The Jenny” before the conflict with the stone giants/Vrock. Tunguska exclaimed “Oh! I had better check on that!” and teleported away. Quigeon was tired and returned to sleep, letting Nkrumuh take the wheel.

The adventurers retreated to the relative safety near the previously-defeated goblin vessel, planning to fight the Stone Giants using their trap. The giants begin lobbing boulders from a distance. Nkrumyh performs evasive maneuvers to avoid taking damage to the ship rigging. A boarding ship sails from the Giant ship toward the adventures. When it closes for battle, the party leaps across and rocks their world. However, the main Giant ship is still approaching with more powerful foes, and the party decides to commandeer the damaged goblin ship, taking both vessels in search of more fruitful enterprises. N’krumah summons a dark cloud to obscure their route.

Turning toward the tumbling fortresses, the party sees a distant ship that had already been attacked; it is smoking and smouldering. Should be easy prey if anyone is left alive.

We close the session as the party approaches the smouldering ship seeking salvage.



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