Black Hand of Seval

Meet and Greet 2013-05-11

Beginning of Telthys 5ED

Session Summary: 2013-05-11 (Updated 05-27)

We will begin our adventure at Level 16, in Telthys. The party will be evil-leaning. Currently favored name: The Black Hand of Seval.

Joel: Halfling (Lightfoot) Rogue Treasurehunter.
Jayme: Dwarf (Mountain) Cleric of Netajus
Michael: Human Fighter, defensive spec
Lip: Human Paladin (Blackguard), offensive spec
Quinn: Human Monk
Damon: Probably Wizard.

Abilities: 17 16 15 15 14 12

Equip your character with any mundane (non-magical) equipment from the Equipment PDF, within reason. I will work with you on your magical equipment, but we’ll begin with basic magical gear and grow from there.

Next session date targeted at 4 weeks, June 8th, pending your RSVPs.
I have a conflict on June 8th, will be out of town. Next availability is being worked out.

The dropbox contains a rough online character sheet for your use. Please re-name the file and save your character in the Telthys Creative Shared Dropbox folder. If you prefer paper you can use the PDF from WOTC, but then please scan or photograph the character sheet(s) and save in the Dropbox. I would prefer you to use paper during the game. Highlighted to indicate that is my preference, not mandatory.

1) Create character. Race, class (and option if necessary), background, skills, specialty, feats. Your weapon and armor of choice. Mundane gear. Preferences for magical gear optional.
2) Rough out an adventuring group of your choice, to the degree the group is described above. (Races and classes, theme, name.)



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