Black Hand of Seval

Entering the void

The BHoS finds a tremendous astral void in the middle of the Elemental Chaos

BHoS in “The Jenny” reached the void around the drifting path of the tumbling ruins of what could only be a Dawn War fortress. Presumably at one time it was a forward base of operations used by Astral forces to conduct battle within the Elemental Chaos, and cataclysmic powers ripped it from its foundation, throwing it flying through the Chaos like so many children’s toys.

The party encountered a goblin vessel just inside the void; defeats it handily. Minimal loot. Quigeon blasted the party numerous times with AE spells during the fight, causing great concern within the party that perhaps senor cleric may not have come back from the dead fully intact. The party sets many traps on the goblin ship with Quigeon and Cazzian advising the best toxins and contagions.

Two distant ships sighted; one Vrocks and one Stone Giants. Clever use of a Potion of Giant Control causes a skirmish by manipulating the Stone Giant pilot to steer into the Vrock ship; many Vrocks were slain and the Vrock ship was destroyed.

During the confusion of battle, some Vrocks stealthfully flew over to the PCs ship and commandeered it to escape the Stone Giants. Although the BHoS was somewhat put off by this, they decide it is in both of their best interests to be allies. For now. The nearest cover is the previously-raided goblinoid ship. BHoS heads in that direction.



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