Black Hand of Seval

Black Hand of Seval picnic

BHoS first gaming session. More or less, 5ED orientation.

The Black Hand of Seval waken, freshly resurrected by their servant priest Sabato Trundlesludge.

Characters were raised from the dead after their souls were incommunicado for 5 years. They were deadraised at their secret personal frontier outpost temple by a servant priest follower of Quigon and Cazzian.

Within two weeks their hidden temple would probably be revealed because the drifting path of the ruins of a Dawn War fortress would bring many raiders and scavengers to the area.
BHoS asked where they could re-equip. the nearest likely source of appropriate gear is two months distant, a former Githyanki waystation.
Questions were raised about who killed them, and why, and why they were incommunicado for five years.

The BHoS chose to first deal with the imminent threat to their hidden temple. They set forth in a crusty old vessel “The Jenny”, using their hand-me-down gear.

En route, the adventurers notice a group of winged humanoids and several canines atop an drifting earth mote. Harpies and Hellhounds! ATTACK, and did anyone else notice they have a large chest over there?

The chest was filled with food. Apparently the girls were out playing with their dogs in the park. Go go picnic bullies!



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